Kayak Rules & Faqs


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I enter an IFA Kayak Tour Event?

A: Entering an IFA Kayak Tour event is easy. You can register online, which requires payment by credit card, by clicking on Register for Event. Entry forms are also available by calling the IFA Kayak Tour directly or printing & mailing/faxing in.

Q: What is the entry fee to participate in an IFA Kayak Tour event?

A: IFA Kayak Tour events feature a budget friendly $50 entry fee for regular season events. Each team member will also need to purchase a $10 IFA membership once annually.

Q: What is the IFA Angler’s Advantage Program?

A: The IFA Kayak Tour Anglers Advantage Program allows each team, for an additional $50 entry, to compete in a higher payout bracket. The OPTIONAL $50 entry fee will be in addition to the standard $50 tournament entry and may be paid when a team registers for an event, or is otherwise due by the close of on-site registration prior to the tournament. The Anglers Advantage entry fee will be paid out at 100% to those participating. For full details, including the additional payout associated with the Anglers Advantage Program, visit payout page w/ matrix / details.

Q: How can I stay posted on IFA news and announcements?

A: Stay up to date on all IFA Kayak Tour news and events by signing up for our free e-newsletter. Simply click here.

Q: Are there qualifications I must meet to fish an IFA Kayak Tour event?

A: Participation in IFA Kayak Tour events is open to only to members ($10 annual membership fee) who are 16 years of age or older. Any team member entering a tournament under the age of majority must also have the signature of their parent or legal guardian. A completed entry form and full entry fee must be received no later than the published deadline for each tournament.

Q: Where can I find the rules for IFA Kayak Tour events?

A: You can view the rules sheet online by clicking here for (Official Kayak Rules) or contact us directly and we’ll be glad to mail you a copy.

Q: What happens if I can’t make it to the Captain’s Meeting before the Kayak event? Can I still fish?

A: Yes. The IFA Kayak fishing Tour is setup to be a fair and level playing field for all anglers, and we are dedicated to providing a quality experience for all who participate. Over time we’ve seen that things sometimes occur that can keep an angler from making the Captain’s Meeting, and so we’ve made contingency plans for that possibility.

In order for us to be fair to all, we need to not add any burdens, nor to relieve any duties that other participants must meet. While each case will be handled individually by contacting our Tournament Director prior to the Captain’s Meeting, there exist several steps an angler must meet.

• Contact the Tournament Director (Keith Green) to make prior arrangements.
• You must be fully paid up prior to the Captain’s Meeting.
• You must personally meet with the Tournament designated official at an arranged time on tournament day, at an arranged place. Normally 5:00 AM at the Host Hotel.
• You will receive your measuring board and token then.
• You must sign our liability release in person.
You must be aware of and agree to the tournament rules.

Q: Can I return to the Weigh-In by boat?

A: Our rules specifically state that you may not be transported by motorized boat during the event. A licensed State or Federal Ferry Boat is an exception.