Redfish Open Rules & Faqs

Download 2017 IFA Lucas Oil Redfish Open Rules


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I enter an IFA Redfish Open Event?

A: You can call the office at 478-836-4266 or mail/fax your entry form in.

Q: Can I fish by myself in an IFA Redfish Open Event?

A: The IFA Redfish Open events are designed for a 2-person team at each Open event.

Q: What is the entry fee to participate in an IFA Redfish Open event?

A: IFA Redfish open events feature a $1,250 Entry Fee per Boat and a $250 Angler Advantage fee structure.

Q: What is the Angler Advantage Program?

A: The IFA Anglers Advantage Program allows each team, for an additional $250 fee, to compete in a higher payout bracket. The OPTIONAL $250 fee will be in addition to the standard tournament entry and may be paid when a team registers for an event, or is otherwise due by the close of on-site registration prior to the tournament. The Anglers Advantage entry fee will be paid out at 100% to those participating.

Q: Do I need to fish with the same teammate at each Open event?

A: Each team will accumulate points for each event according to how you finish the event.  You may choose to fish with 2 different teammates but you would not be eligible for the Team of the Year points at the end of the tournament year.

Q: How can I stay posted on IFA news and announcements?

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